MR. Dependable, Manish Kumar


Manish is a class seven student. He lives in Narayanpur village of the Atas Bangar Gram Panchayat (GP). He belongs to our Adhyayan Samvad Kendra. He is one of those children who comes with a genuine sense of curiosity in to the classroom. He has a hunger to learn more and more. Since the time we started ASK in Narayanpur, he has been a regular at our classes. Over the course of six months he has improved significantly on a number of parameters. His participation and relationship with us have led to many achievements in his personal and student life, such as grabbing a scholarship at Parmeshwari Devi Dhanuka Vidyalaya to winning prizes at Vivek Vigyaan Utsav (VVU). He came prepared to the utsav with not one, but three science models. He has also learned to recite the shlokas from Bhagwat Geeta with us for a competition in his school, for which he was appreciated by his teachers.

Manish is a worthy example of a child internally focused on holistic development. His hunger to do well has even helped us to grow as mentors. He has participated in all the English language sessions, has tried to speak in the language and has also become semi-proficient in it as well. He has translated many stories in English to improve his comprehension and effective use of the language. He has also worked on grammar – parts of speech, articles, and so on. He has learned MS Word, Excel and Power Point during the summer camps and other sessions. One of the most interesting things about Manish is that he comes to us regularly with his questions regarding mathematics, science and the world in general. Through this inherent nature to seek answers to his questions, he also affects and enables others to think more. Six months of our interventions helped him become more observant about the problems in his own villages. We saw him become more social and interactive with his own community. Presently, he is at a stage where he has started to understand the reasons behind many problems in his village and in the next few years he will become a genuine problem-solver, the likes of which this world desperately needs (provided he continues to get the right mentorship).  

Manish is an excellent team player and over the course of six months became Mr. Dependable not only for his friends but also for us. He loves to take up responsibilities and discharge them. For us, he is more of a team member than a student. He is our Mr. Dependable Manish. As mentors, we are glad that we were able to customize our lessons and interaction for children like him and others. Apart from regular studies, they worked a lot on their general understanding, emotional and physical growth. It was a heartening sight to see children like Manish become calmer, stronger and clearer in thought and articulation.

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