A Team of 5 people is directly transforming the lives of the children in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

Our Mission is to provide an environment to every child to discover their "Svabhava" and "Svadharma" to realize their full potential, to support government schools across Bharat through various educational interventions that are contextually relevant, and to contribute to meaningful education by setting up of model schools, identifying and nurturing inspired teachers and institutions, influencing policy and governing structures.

Do your contribution and join the movement to provide holistic education to our kids.


How we use your contribution

Your contribution will help us run the day-to-day activities like making and purchasing study material for kids, travel expenses for our interventions, stationary expenses (like pencils, chart papers, sketch pens, crayons, A4 sheets, and more).

Your contribution will help us with the team's salary and field trips. It will also help with the volunteers' travel and stay expenses who come to help us in teaching kids, making study material, painting the schools, and other tasks.

(Only from Indian Accounts in Indian Rupees)

(Contribution / Donation Receipt will be E-mailed after Credit confirmation by Bank)

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